Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

In the mood for a great fantasy but aren’t sure which one to pick? Or maybe you’re eager for a new sci-fi book but haven’t found one that stands out to you yet. Search no more, for here are five new books (and one old favorite) that definitely deserve a place in your TBR pile.

My Beautiful Life
By K. J. Parker
Subterranean Press, $40.00, 112 pages

K. J. Parker’s latest novella, My Beautiful Life, is an exploration of one individual on his deathbed, looking back at his early life, and at his own rise and eventual fall. Newcomers to Parker’s universe and old fans alike will enjoy his familiar dry humor and the conversational tone of the story. My Beautiful Life may be something of a character study, but it is a fascinating one.


Upon the Flight of the Queen
By Howard Andrew Jones
St. Martin’s Press, $28.99, 464 pages

The second book in the Ring-Sworn Trilogy, Upon the Flight of the Queen is just as thrilling and immersive as the first book. War and espionage, magic and dragons, and compelling characters fill this epic fantasy, which will fully satisfy fans of the first book and leave them eagerly waiting for book three.

Council of Fire (Arcane America)
By Eric Flint
Baen, $25.00, 480 pages

Alternate history is difficult to get right. There’s a delicate balance between writing a compelling story and one that that still feels plausible. Historical science fiction allows writers to get away with more, but it can also require more suspension of disbelief. Council of Fire, part of the Arcane America series, hits that balance just right. When Halley’s Comet splits the Atlantic, separating the Old World from the New, the effects on both sides of the ocean create a fascinating new timeline readers in any world won’t be able to put down.


Hell Divers VI: Allegiance
By Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Blackstone Publishing, $24.99, 400 pages

The sixth book in the Hell Divers series, Allegiance brings us into a world trying to recover from a bloody war and reaching for peace. Xavier Rodriguez, new king of the islands, but try to manage tensions at home even as across the world, androids attempt to hunt down human survivors. Soon the Hell Divers are in a race against time to keep the human genome from being wiped out entirely.


Target Rich Environment, Volume 2
By Larry Correia
Baen, $25.00, 352 pages

Larry Correia has given us another collection of his stories, and once again he pulls no punches. Volume 2 of Target Rich Environment is a breathtaking read, filled with giant robots, giant monsters, and great struggles of good versus evil. This is an excellent pick for all fans of action horror.


The Books of Earthsea: The Complete Illustrated Edition (Earthsea Cycle)
By Ursula K. Le Guin, Illustrated by Charles Vess
Gallery / Saga Press, $59.99, 1008 pages

Like so many, A Wizard of Earthsea was one of my first fantasy novels. Though I only have vague memories of it now, just looking at the new illustrated editions is enough to fill me with nostalgia for those early books. What else is there to say? This collection is a perfect gift for all fantasy fans, young or old.