Ross Rojek – Co-Owner

Ross cut his teeth at bookselling at the young age of just 25, when he opened his first comic book store in Sacramento. He spent the next 15 years opening more stores across the country. Fast forward to 2004, when he closed the comic book stores and began researching the best way to start a book review company. That was born in 2008 with Heidi. One thing led to another, and he opened Capital Books in 2019, bringing his vast knowledge of books and publishing. He’s in charge of buying the books in the store. He’s generally your go-to for book recommendations.

Reach him at

Heidi Rojek – Co-Owner

As the marketing, graphic design, and website arm of the team, Heidi is responsible for the design of the store, social media, author events, and the front end of the website. She’ll be your go-to for cookbook advice and anything to do with children’s books.

You can reach her at

Rachael Muro – General Manager

Rachael has 12 years of experience after working for Barnes & Noble. She’s worked in all of the departments, including the cafe as a barista. She is experienced in merchandising, receiving, and inventory management. For Capital Books, she manages all of the employees and assists with book buying.

She enjoys reading graphic novels and magical realism, gardening, and taking care of her house plants.

Nicole Rosen – Receiving

Nicole’s primary responsibilities are receiving incoming shipments of books and processing books that ship out to customers. The thing she loves to do most is keep us organized! 

Erica Cruz – Bookseller

Erica chose Capital Books as her high school internship project for 2019/20 through The Met High School. Now that she graduated, we hired her fulltime while she attends college. 

Katy O-Reilly – Bookseller

Katy may be familiar to Downtown regulars. Her mom owns Goodie Tuchews on L Street (across from the Capitol). She attends Sac City College and spends her free time playing video games and reading. She is also heavily involved with Chalk It Up.

Jared Childress – Bookseller

Jared (He/Him) joined the Capital Books team in February 2021 after working as the Lead Bookseller at Underground Books where he assisted the local independent bookstore with their grand re-opening, events, and social media. Jared is a lifelong reader, writer, and a true bookseller at heart. Jared loves connecting with customers and helping them find their next favorite book.

He’s also a full-time college student whose future plans include teaching high school History/English and working as a published writer.

In his spare time, you will find Jared reading QTBIPOC literature, sparring guys at his boxing gym, and engaging in long heartfelt conversations with his friends.

Haileigh Pitts – Bookseller

We actually brought Haileigh on in the middle of crazy holiday shopping to help get us through. We loved her so much that we hired her full-time! She is this amazing bright light at the bookstore—great attitude and infectious personality. She comes to us from previously working for St. John’s Program for Change. Prior to that, she worked for State Farm and Allstate insurance.

Haileigh is quickly learning about selling books. You’ll find her working on the first floor or running up and down our three+ flights of stairs (I think her record is 58 flights in one day!

Lily – Bookstore Dog

Lily is the main attraction for the bookstore, believe it or not. We have people come in just for her. She’s responsible for greeting each and every customer. She takes her job very seriously, too. She’ll give a good snuggle on the rug in the Children’s area if you want to read a book to her.