Ross Rojek – Co-Owner

Ross cut his teeth at bookselling at the young age of just 25, when he opened his first comic book store in Sacramento. He spent the next 15 years opening more stores across the country. Fast forward to 2004, when he closed the comic book stores and began researching the best way to start a book review company. That was born in 2008 with Heidi. One thing led to another, and he opened Capital Books in 2019, bringing his vast knowledge of books and publishing. He’s in charge of buying the books in the store. He’s generally your go-to for book recommendations.

Favorite book genres:

  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • History

Reach him at

Heidi Rojek – Co-Owner

Heidi started out designing and working at the bookstore, but then they banished her to our cafe: There and Back. She’s the one into cookbooks, so if you want to bend her ear for a cookbook recommendation, go grab a coffee down there and chat. 

Favorite book genres:

  • Cookbooks
  • Thrillers
  • Children’s
  • Gardening

You can reach her at

Katie (she/her) – Another Universe Manager

Katie manages our basement floor: Another Universe. She is one to ask about Manga, Romance, and anything fantasy-related. She’s one of your go-to people for Magic the Gathering and Pokemon questions.

Katie spends her free time playing video games and reading.

Jacob (he/him) – Bookseller & Magic Cards

Jacob is a high school senior who works here part-time on weekends. You can find him helping customers on our main floor, but he’ll transition to helping out on the Another Universe floor when that opens in the Winter. He’s an expert at Magic the Gathering, so feel free to talk to him about cards.

Favorite book genres:

  • Classics
  • Dystopian Science Fiction
  • Poetry

Jared – Bookseller

Jared is excited to rejoin the Capital Books team after taking some time off to finish up school in Southern California. He is a Sacramento native who fell in love with reading while in an elementary school reading program. His favorite book as a child was Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary. Today, he is more of a nonfiction guy. His favorite book is Redefining Realness, a memoir by Janet Mock.

Jonathan — Book Deliveries

Jonathan used to work in our basement—Another Universe—but is now finishing a college degree. He helps out with book deliveries when he’s not studying. His favorite genre is sci-fi, and really enjoys graphic novels as well. Jonathan also hosts a podcast and collects pop culture action figures, such as Star Wars, TMNT, and Funko Pops.

You may see Jonathan around the bookstore during the holidays when he’s on a school break.


  • Science Fiction
  • Graphic Novels
  • Musicology
  • Fantasy
  • Filmography

Haileigh (she/her) – Facilities Manager

We actually brought Haileigh on in the middle of crazy 2020 holiday shopping season to help get us through. We loved her so much that we hired her full-time! She is this amazing bright light at the bookstore—great attitude and infectious personality. She’s since been promoted to Facilities Manager for both the bookstore, Another Universe, and our sister board gaming cafe, There and Back, down the street.

You’ll find her working on the first floor or running up and down our three+ flights of stairs (her record is 81 flights in one day!) or walking back and forth from each of our stores with the wagon.


Lily – Bookstore Dog

Lily is the main attraction for the bookstore, believe it or not. We have people come in just for her. She’s responsible for greeting each and every customer. She takes her job very seriously, too.

Favorite things:

  • Laying on Faith’s feet behind the counter
  • Conning each of us into giving her a treat, as if she hasn’t had many during the day
  • Kids reading to her on the rug

Reach Lily at (kidding)

Fern – Bookstore Puppy in Training

Fern is Assistant Manager Katie’s pride and joy. She’s the most chill puppy you ever did see and loves nothing more than to sit in your lap as you work or read.

Favorite things:

  • Taking her leash in her mouth to walk herself over to customers
  • Turning the puppy dog eyes on people for extra pets
  • Her adoring fans

Reach Fern at @bookstorefern on IG (not kidding)