Reserve the Bookstore For Your Event


Reserve the second floor, entire bookstore, or just the Flamingo Lounge for an author or private event, such as a birthday party, book club, or meeting. 

What are your capacities?

Flamingo Lounge:

The lounge is fairly small but has one of the best views of K St anywhere on the block.


10-15 chairs, no tables
Up to 5 round tables (two tables seat 4; three tables seat 2)
One 3-person couch

Store Capacity:

Our entire store capacity is 50 people total, so if you anticipate that your event will be nearing 50 for the second floor, then you’ll have to rent the entire store because we wouldn’t be able to allow shoppers on the first floor or basement. If you only want to rent the second floor, keep your attendees to about 30-35 people.

Do you offer food?

Our restaurant down the street, There and Back Cafe, can cater relatively simple foods for your event, such as charcuterie tables, cones, or cups. Get in touch with us if you have an idea about what you want. We also offer beverage service:

Drip Coffee (carafe): $5/person
Assorted Hot Teas: $3.79/person

You’re also able to bring in your own food or catering.

What is the cost for private events?

Monday – Friday Rentals (10am – 6pm):

Second Floor: $100/hour
Entire Bookstore: $200/hour
Flamingo Lounge: $50/ for the first 2 hours, $50/hour each hour after that

Saturday & Sunday Rentals (Saturdays: 10am – 6pm, Sundays: 11am to 4pm)

Second Floor: $200/hour
Entire Bookstore: $300/hour
Flamingo Lounge: $50/hour

Rentals Outside of Our Business Hours*

Entire Bookstore $200/hour on Weekdays, $300/Hour on Weekends

* Any Rentals that go past 6pm Monday through Saturday, or 4pm on Sunday are renting the entire store by default, the Entire Bookstore pricing applies for each hour past closing.

Feast and Fiction! Back for a limited time!

Feast and Fiction reservations start at $99 per party

This includes: A table in our Flamingo Lounge for up to 6 people, a complimentary bottle of wine and 15% off any books purchased during your reservation

Add ons include:

Charcuterie: $24 for a board that serves 2, $48 for a board that serves 4
Dessert: $10 per serving


Availability starts Saturday, October 1. Reservations go from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Reservation dates are Wednesday through Saturday, and only two reservations will be booked per week.