Bite into the Summer’s Best Grilling!

By Booksellers Tommy Rojek & Danielle McMannus


Summer is upon us, so it’s time to kick off grilling season. Tom and Danielle turn it up a notch this year with these genre-defining (and -defying) guides to perfect grilling! As of the posting of this article, all of these books are available in the store.


Weber’s Ultimate Grilling: A Step-by-Step Guide to Barbecue Genius

The experts from Weber, the most venerable name in grilling, bring you this collection of 100 barbecue recipes perfect for barbecuers of all stripes, from tender beginners to well-seasoned grillmasters. Every recipe includes full-color photos that illustrate step-by step instructions designed to make grilling accessible to even the least confident among us. The guide leads you through the tips and tricks of lighting the grill, perfecting the temperature, and grilling everything from vegetables to seafood to poultry, pork, and beef. You can’t ask for a more comprehensive or authoritative guide to all things grilling.

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Martha Stewart’s Grilling

With trademark gorgeous photos, Martha Stewart’s Grilling presents classic grilling recipes with an elegant twist, from honey-brined chicken wings to kielbasa bites, all perfect for memorable meals to celebrate summer. And beyond the excellent recipes, Martha Stewart covers the secrets to good grilling, from why pressing the meat into the grill is a terrible idea to what temperature the meat should be when it hits the grill. Don’t miss this classically smart, stylish, and, above all, delicious guide to grilling.

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The Bacon Bible by Peter Sherman and Stephanie Banyas

From Peter Sherman, the renowned bacon maestro behind New York bacon-gastropub BarBacon, comes this aptly named biblical tribute to that delicious, beloved, and infinitely versatile meat, bacon. With over 200 recipes, The Bacon Bible shows you how to incorporate bacon into virtually every imaginable meal in every imaginable way, from bacon rubs to bacon cocktails, from bacon pancakes to bacon hot chocolate (and there’s even a bacon-free chapter just in case you’re feeling wild and crazy). And with information on how to cure your own bacon from scratch and how to turn pretty much anything into bacon (hello, tuna bacon), this book will truly make you nothing less than a bacon god. If you didn’t love bacon before, you definitely will now!

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The Campfire Cookbook by Nico Stanitzok and Viola Lex

The Campfire Cookbook brings together camping veteran Viola Lex with chef Nico Stanitzok to explore the possibilities of cooking on an open flame, be it a fire, a grill, or a camp stove. And the possibilities they discover! Recipes run an impressive gamut, from the traditional kebab skewer to the unexpected chocolate cake…baked inside an orange. But beyond wildly inventive recipes, the book also includes clever camping hacks and packing lists. With its beautiful color photos and simple step-by-step instructions, this is a book for connoisseurs, apsirationists, and master campers alike.

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