Award-Winning Author Laura Jensen Walker

Meet this popular Sacramento author for her next book launch!

Tuesday, September 10 @6 pm
Capital Books

Former Sacramento Bee reporter Laura Jensen Walker is the award-winning author of more than 20 books, including the Agatha-nominated MURDER MOST SWEET. Formerly stationed at an RAF base in the UK with the Air Force, when Laura heard the story of a group of RAF heroes that history has overlooked–The Flying Nightingales–she knew she had to tell their story. DEATH OF A FLYING NIGHTINGALE is Laura’s historical fiction debut.

Inspired by true events, three very different young women serve as air ambulance nurses bravely flying into WWII combat zones and risking their lives to evacuate the wounded.

Newspapers have given these women a romantic nickname: “The Flying Nightingales.” Not that there’s anything romantic about what they do. The horrific injuries they encounter on a daily basis take their toll, so when one of the Nightingales is found dead they wonder: Was it an accident? Suicide? Or something else? After another nursing orderly dies mysteriously they think: Someone’s killing Nightingales. The women grapple with their loss while keeping a stiff upper lip and continuing to care for casualties as they’re being strafed by the Luftwaffe.