I’m Heidi Rojek, one of the co-owners of Capital Books, along with my husband, Ross. We met in 2008 and immediately launched a book review company together (City Book Review). We’ve been running that company, along with an app dev company (GoLocalApps), for the last 10 years. It was a logical step to open this bookstore — and something we had tossed around for about 5 years. When we saw that this space next to the Crest Theater became available, we just knew this was the perfect spot for a bookstore.

My role with the bookstore will be more of what I’ve been doing for the book review company. I’m the graphic design and marketing brain of our duo, with 25 years of experience. Or, more accurately, I bring all of my husband’s ideas to life. I will be in charge of ordering books for our Children’s, YA, and Tweens sections and coordinating any activities involving the kiddos (we’ll have to see how many of them we get downtown). I will be the one ordering most of the sidelines in the store.

I have three children, ages 29-19 and three step-children (one of which will be working PT at the bookstore), and three grandchildren. Together, we have one dog — the friendliest, most loving Pitbull/Mastiff you’ll ever meet — who is our Bookstore Dog, so come by and meet Lily. I have an affinity for baking and gardening. I’m planning on bringing in baked goods I’ve made from various cookbooks we’ll have in the store for people to taste.