Wedding Registry

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Join us for a glass of something bubbly and the chance to choose the perfect books for your life together. We will help the happy couple make up a list of the books they feel they can’t start married life without. We’ll make list available to your friends and family on request via email. Once a book has been purchased, we will remove it from your list. And as our contribution, each couple will receive a pair of our Capital Books coffee mugs.

We will make up a lovely parcel of all the books your friends have bought you – complete with a bookmark in each one to say who it is from, and any message they wanted us to pass on – and you can collect them from the shop (or we will deliver within a sensible radius).

Create Your Registry Using Our Online Store

Running short on time? That’s no problem. You can prepare your wedding book registry using our online store and our registry form. Just click the button below to start it. Access 10,000,000 (yes, million!) books from our online store.

Birthday Registry

Wishlists for birthdays are available in at Capital Books. We will keep a list of books that can be added to at any time that your friends and family can access while shopping for your very special gift.

We offer beautiful gift wrapping, too.

Come into Capital Books to make your registry or use our online store to select the books you’d like by clicking the button below.

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