Death in the Covenant

Death Comes to Dartmoor

Mayhem and Madness

Only Ashes Remain

All the Flowers in Paris

Prison Letters

Two For Me, One For You

Encyclopedia of Grannies

The Bitterroots

Why not display books from the New York Times Best Sellers list? Well, we believe that displaying books in our store that are a direct representation of what our neighbors — the San Francisco Bay Area — are reading is a more accurate depiction of our area. You’ll find many of these books in the front of our store shelves and also here on our website that are available for purchase.

Nothing beats the experience of coming into our bookstore. We’d love to help you find the perfect book, but if you simply cannot make it in, we make it easy to find everything we’re carrying in the shop in our online store. You can even reserve your copy or have us order it for you right from our online store. We’ll message you when the book arrives. 

Fri, Sept. 20

Amy Glynn, Orinda
Rafael Jesús González, Berkeley
Indigo Moor, Sacramento
Thomas Stanton, Benicia
Cynthia Patton, Livermore
Tama Brisbane, Stockton
Co-Host: Ron Riekki

6 pm

In a very rare group appearance, we’ve gathered six Poets Laureate together for a special evening at Capital Books.

Sat, Sept. 28

Lisa McMann

2 pm

Local YA author, Lisa McMann will launch her newest book, DRAGON QUEST: THE UNWANTED CURSE (Simon & Schuster), at Capital Books. 

Saturday, Oct. 12

Lisa Loving

1 pm

Lisa Loving is an award-winning journalist and media activist who has trained hundreds of everyday people in the tools of independent journalism. She’ll be at Capital Books to talk about her book, Street Journalist: Understand and Report the News in Your Community.

Tues, Oct 29

Catriona McPherson

6 pm

Local Davis author, Catriona McPherson, will be at Capital Books to talk about her newest book, STRANGERS AT THE GATE.

Weds, Nov. 13

John Lander

1 pm – 3 pm

John Lander is a freelance photographer based near Kamakura, Japan. His photos have been published by several national magazines and newspapers. Join us as John debuts his newest photography book: World Heritage Japan.

Saturday, Nov 30

Avanti Centrae

4:30 pm

Avanti Centrae is the author of the international award-winning VanOps thriller series. Join us as she kicks off the release of LOST POWER, where she’ll do a reading, answer questions, and sign her book.


Books We Loved!

Okay, well, this book is amazing. And not to sound bossy, but go get it. Immediately. Regardless of who you are or how you identify, this graphic novel will speak to you. This is the memoir of Maia Kobabe (e/im/er), who struggled for years to fit in. For em (preferred gender-neutral pronoun), gender and social expectation never quite fit together. And yet, in so many ways, this book is about much more than gender. It’s also simply about identity and how painful and agonizing it can be to be different or to not fit in.”

Note: We sold out of this book, but have more on order.

Danielle McMannus

Book Seller, Capital Books

This is an ultra-satisfying, seat-of-your-pants action mystery. Cheers, Mr. Nesbo.”

Phillip Zozzaro

Book Reviewer (and friend), Capital Books

Lewis’s instructions for making sauerkraut are exactly the way my mother made it, and her Apple Brown Betty brings back wonderful memories. Don’t miss that recipe. It’s perfect. Her chutney recipe can be made with a variety of fruits, depending on what is available fresh. Don’t miss this.”

Rosi Hollinbeck

Book Reviewer (and friend), Capital Books

The story is just as hilarious and tongue-in-cheek as the idea demands, from the feral enclave of Lord-of-the-Flies-esque tweens to the celebrities-turned-cannibals who lurk in the back tunnels of the convention center.”

Note: We sold out of this book, but have more on order.

Danielle McMannus

Book Seller, Capital Books

This book is a delight, a perfect gift for the traveler, retiree, renegade, dreamer.”

Sky Sanchez-Fischer

Book Reviewer (and friend), Capital Books

Candice Carty-Williams has introduced a character that is broken, relatable and hopeful. She represents hope for things getting better, and she’s a fighter.”

Sky Sanchez-Fischer

Book Reviewer (and friend), Capital Books


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Today, Presidents' Day, there was a marked shift in how renovation felt at the bookstore. The professional construction crew arrived. It was like the Cavalry coming in, and that felt pretty presidential — and LOUD — to me. (Be sure to turn your sound on.)...

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Back to Square One

Usually, the phrase "back to square one" means something fell through, but, in our case, it means we're able to move FORWARD. After we signed the store lease about a month ago, we kicked into high gear in demolishing interior (non-load-bearing) walls that we didn't...

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Let There Be Light

I haven't blogged in a while because there's not really anything exciting going on down at the store. My step-son, who's doing a lot of the grunt-work with the demolition, got sidelined this week with a bad cold, so nothing happened. Last weekend, we rented a...

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These blues are giving me the blues

I do know that, in the world of interior design, you're supposed to find one piece of inspiration and build off of that. It's helped me as I have decorated our home over the years. We thought we found the entryway floor tile we wanted, but then, yesterday, our tile...

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