Monique “Miss MouthPeace” Smith


Monique Smith, aka Miss MouthPeace, is a visionary who inspires, motivates, empowers, and merges both of her worlds together in author and music. Her focus is  to provide nontraditional, educational seminars, leadership development, self-discovery, and creativity. As a recording  artist, author, community-based educator, speaker, and certified life coach, she followed her own words “Nobody can stop your destiny but you.” She took a leap of faith to soar into her own purpose. Evolving her horizons and stepping out of her own fears, she continues to lead women and men to pursue their life passion and purpose with uplifting lyrics and dynamic poetry metaphors and gems of her bestselling book JUST WHAT I NEEDED.

JUST WHAT I NEEDED creates a safe space for your thoughts. Each page has its own experiences for you to ponder, reflect upon, or keep soaring. These daily gems can be repeated as needed. The most beautiful thing in the world is self-awareness. As you dig deep within yourself, ask yourself the hard questions you’re afraid of. This is exactly what’s needed for your own self-discovery. Allow yourself to be open to new perspectives of how you see yourself.