Upcoming Diverse Author Hang Le

Location: Capital Books

Sat, Sept 30, 6 – 11am


Hang in Vietnamese is “moon” so Little Moon is based on my experience as a child. Inattentiveness or lack of focus on one thing has always been my struggle as a child, whether it is in Vietnam or America. Since my father was a doctor in Vietnam, I saw the effects of medicine and I have chosen to only use medicine when it is truly necessary. Therefore, I have found strategies to help me instead, which are usually activities that are hands-on or require physical strength, like surfing and gardening.

Currently, I am a teacher and have worked with multiple types of learners for more than 20 years. Students with focusing issues vary from one student to the next, so I typically try different methods to see what works for them. In addition to helping and guiding my students, I continue to find ways for me to become a better ME.


Take a journey with Little Moon as she navigates through her daily struggle to stay focused on her school tasks. Little Moon’s inability to attend to one task is relatable and will allow you to understand others like her that have these challenges. Overall, Focus, Focus Little Moon shows us to embrace and accept our uniqueness and always find ways to better ourselves.

Focus, Focus Little Moon will be available for purchase during the event.