As the premier new books store in Downtown Sacramento, our staff are able to put together the perfect book gifts to inspire your office, home, or friends. We’ll provide a curated selection of bestsellers, must-read fiction, captivating non-fiction, and children’s books for all ages – ready for when you need them.

Have a new colleague in the office? Welcome them with a bundle of business books that set the tone for your business or department with our impressive selection of political, business, and investing books in the store.

Visiting Sacramento? Let us know when you’ll be arriving and where you’ll be staying at, and we’ll have an array of books waiting for you at your hotel.

Hosting guests? Let us know your guest’s taste in books, and we’ll put together a book bundle for your guest room.

Need a unique hostess gift? Perhaps a few books from our home and garden and cookbooks section. We’ll wrap them for you!

Tell us what types of books you’d like:

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